This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts is taken aback by Yoru’s monstrous heritage and says things to offend both him and Tinuvielle.

Creator’s Commentary: Now the party are all back together again I feel like splitting them up again; there are far too many characters on this page!

I liked showing the reactions of the people in the Bar to the Heroes conversation. Although they take demons and such in their stride most people are shit scared of ’em. Yes, even little ones.

The Duergar joke is one only D&D folk will understand. Although I try to make the humour as accesible as possible I think it’s fair to slip a niche joke in now and then if it’s funny enough. A Duergar is basically a evil, dark-skinned type of Dwarf that lives underground and is rarely seen.

↓ Transcript
AMULETTS: What is THAT?! Is... is that a Drow?
TINUVIELLE! *Indignant* No!
AMULETTS: I'm sorry, of course it isn't. It's far too SHORT! Duergar?
*Tinuvielle glares*
CLODIN: Demon actually.
MARTIN: Half-demon. *Bar patrons look alarmed and leave hurriedly*
TINUVIELLE: Yes, thank you Martin, but can we NOT use the 'D'-word?
AMULETTS: Which 'D'-word?
TINUVIELLE: Any of them! He's just a little boy.
CLODIN: Yeah, I helped rescue him as a baby, he was raised by Nuns. He's cool.
DIRK: He has not the taint of evil upon him.
AMULETTS: Well... okay then. But you can't blame me for being suprised, *to Tinuvielle* I had no idea you swung that way.
TINUVIELLE: He's adopted.
AMULETTS: Whatever! I'm not judging.