This week in Epic Fail: The party go to see Simone, a Magic-User with a job for them. Clodin says that as the leader he should do the talking, but as soon as the door is open she goes straight to Martin much to his chagrin.

Creator’s Commentary: I started and re-started this page 3 times, I was mostly done with the second version when I decided to bin it. I’m glad I did because the third and final version tuned out so much better. It can be such a temptation just to draw characters from straight in front or straight sideways, because it’s easy and there’s not a lot that can go wrong like with tricky angles and foreshortening. Except it’s flat and boring. That’s what I couldn’t accept; I guess I’m demanding more of myself.

I ran into some difficulty with height, specifically Clodin and Yoru. I still have a bee in my bonnet about a workshop I attended a while back, during which I asked for advice for drawing midgets, i.e. people who are proportionally smaller, as per the dictionary definition. I got jumped on for ‘using an offensive term and being discriminatory’ and therefore never received the help I still sorely need for drawing smaller characters such as (fantasy) Dwarves, Halflings and children. Harrumph! I guess it was just a misunderstanding but wish it hadn’t gotten in the way. If anyone can give me advice on drawing, to use the longer, less controversial definition, proportionally smaller characters it would be greatfully received!

↓ Transcript
MARTIN: Okay, her name's Cindy and she's the Chancellor of a University for Magic.
AMULETTS: Cor! On a first name basis, eh? Sounds like she's taken a shine to you.
CLODIN: That's as may be, but I'm the leader so I'll do the talking. *puffs out chest*
MARTIN: Of course. *Gestures at the door invitingly*
*Clodin knocks*
*Cindy opens the door and looks straight over Clodin's head*
CINDY: Ah, Martin, it's so good of you to come.
MARTIN: This is Clodin. He's my, um, our boss.
CINDY: Pleased to meet you... Clodding? *Amuletts giggles*