This week in Epic Fail: Tinuvielle and Amuletts gather evidence that Dwarves are gay.

Creator’s Commentary: Too risqué?

When Kevin first created this Dwarven Fighter I suggested the name Clod son of Sod, both referring to the earth, which then became Clodding son of Sodding and finally Clodin son of Sodin. True story.

I’d appreciate your feedback on whether this page is easy to read or if I need to edit the text and speachbubbles.

↓ Transcript
SIMONE: I'm so sorry.
CLODIN: Lets just get on with it, shall we?
*Simone pauses to speak to Martin for a moment while everyone else proceeds into the room. Amuletts whispers something to Tinuvielle, who smiles*
AMULETTS: Clodin, we were just wonedering... What is your FATHER'S name?
CLODIN: Sodin, as you well know.
TINUVIELLE: Spelt S-O-double-D-I-N-G?
CLODIN: Oh yes - very funny!
AMULETTS: Add it to the list.
TINUVIELLE: We're compiling evidence to prove our theory.
CLODIN: What's your theory?
TINUVIELLE: Dwarves are GAY.
CLODIN: And Elves live for 500 years because it takes that long for you to GROW UP!
AMULETTS: But Dwarven 'women' have BEARDS!