This week in Epic Fail: Martin puts an end to the banter about aledged Elven / Dwarven homosexuality and back to the business at hand, namely finding the key to open Kasper’s Spellbook.

Creator’s Commentary: … Um…

↓ Transcript
CLODIN: Well all Elves are beardless so you must all be LESBIANS!
AMULETTS: Your point?
SIMONE: Thankyou.
YORU: Mother, what's a Lesbian?
TINUVIELLE: (Whispering) It's a type of tree, like an Aspen. Now hush.
SIMONE: I need you to retrieve something for me. It's a magic key, though it may not look like a key. It's to open this book of spells written by Kasper, the Founder of my University.