This week in Epic Fail: Tinuvielle thinks she may be able to open the sealed spell-book with magic, but it remains stubbornly shut.

Creator’s Commentary: Grr. I think the hardest part of doing this comic is thinking up titles for the pages! I know they don’t exactly need titles, but I think it’s useful for people who are flicking through the archives to know more-or-less where they are.

YAY! The first bit of real magic. I hope you like the special effects. I think they are cool!

Tinuvielle is supposed to be a very beautiful Elf, so I’ve been working on her face to make her more attractive. In D&D terms I think her Comeliness is 19 or something like that.

↓ Transcript
TINUVIELLE: May I examine the book?
SIMONE: Be my guest.
TINUVIELLE: Hmm it's bound shut with iron.
SIMONE: And enchanted.
TINUVIELLE: (Casting a spell) Dispell.
*Runes glow on the iron binding around the book and it makes a hissing sound*
TINUVIELLE: (Casting another spell) Open.
*The book does not open*
TINUVIELLE: (Trying to wrench the book open) Nggh!
SIMONE: No physical force will break that band and we've tried all kinds of magic.
TINUVIELLE: It was worth a shot...
SIMONE: I've spent not an inconsiderable amount of time, money and resources on trying to open that book, exhausting all possibilities but one: Finding the Key.