This Week in Epic Fail: Simone reveals that the magic key is located in Kasper’s Castle and tells the Adventurer’s about it’s history.

Creator’s Commentary: Aww, Kasper and Bianca are such a Romeo and Juliet.

EDITED 03/03/11 : I’ve changed the dialogue as per DugeonWarden‘s advice – the same information is there but it’s in a slightly more positive tone.

↓ Transcript
SIMONE: Our Diviners have acertained that the key is located in Kasper's Castle, which is rumored to be haunted. I've already sent two parties to retrieve it but they have not returned.
AMULETTS: What else can you tell us about this Castle?
SIMONE: There have been disappearances there before, but it's history is quite benign, if sad. It used to be part of the University but Kasper closed everything down when his wife, Bianca, died. Soon after he himself disappeared. He probably commited suicide although nobody knows for sure. The Castle has been empty ever since.
DIRK: Was Kasper a good man?
SIMONE: Yes; he and his wife were very benevolent. They did a lot to help the town, in fact it was named in their honour: Kasperbianca.