This Week in Epic Fail: Everyone is delighted they got given so much money but Amuletts is lamenting that it wasn’t more.

Creator’s Commentary: Big surprise there! Yeah… I don’t think you learn anything new about the characters from this page that you didn’t already know :p  I suppose you may not have realised quite how much pride Amuletts takes in her greed. It really means a lot to her that she’s better at it than anyone else. She’s worked hard at those character flaws dammit!

I had a go at a few different expressions here. Amuletts is meant to have a thousand mile stare in frame one but I’m not sure it worked out; I’m tempted to edit it so her ears are drooping a bit there as well. My intent was that she be sticking her lower lip out in panel three. Dirk is supposed to be rolling his eyes in the fouth panel and sneering in the fifth. As always critique welcome; I’m trying to push my skill further where I can.

I’m moving house at the weekend. Wish me luck!

↓ Transcript

MARTIN: I've never seen so much gold!
TINUVIELLE: None of us have!
AMULETTS: 20,000gp each! That's 100,000 altogether and 50,000 up front!
CLODIN: Thanks for negotiating that for us.
AMULETTS: Aw! That wasn't a negotiation! She said yes to the very first figure on the table which means she'd probably have paid us even more. I started too low. Don't you see? I blew it!
DIRK: You're upset because you weren't greedy enough? I shouldn't be suprised... You're the most mercinary woman I've ever met!
AMULETTS: Aw thanks. I really needed to hear that.

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