This week in Epic Fail: Clodin reveals a bonus clause in their contract and Amuletts pulls a Gryphon out of her pocket.

Creator’s Commentary: I’m kinda proud of the panelling in this one – pretty creative for me.

And you wouldn’t believe the amount of time I spent on Dirk’s pose in panel one only to have it mostly hidden by a speach bubble.

By the way the Gryphon’s name is Peter. Get it? Peter… Gryphon?

↓ Transcript
CLODIN: Plus there's a bonus in our contract if we return the key within the week.
AMULETTS: Then what are we standing around here for? Time's a-wasting!
*She pulls a small statuette from her pocket and throws it the the ground.*
AMULETTS: Emla. Flas.
*The statuette grows bigger and bigger until it becomes a fully-sized, live Gryphon.*

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