This week in Epic Fail: Martin asks if half-demon Yoru is returning to the Guan-Yin Temple. Tinuvielle insists he is coming with the party for their upcoming adventure despite the potential risks.
Creator’s Commentary: Sorry about the wall of text in this one, but it’s pretty concise compared to what it could have been. I actually drew this page with only a vague idea of what the dialogue was going to be; I was a little worried it wouldn’t fit or gel.

I hate Tinuvielle’s face in the last panel. Hate it. I will probably have to redraw it later.

↓ Transcript
AMULETTS: You, Sirrah, have our belongings brough here post-haste.
*The stablehand bows*
YORU: Mother, is that a Gryphon?
YORU: Gosh! Do we all get Gryphons to ride?
TINUVIELLE: No, we have to travel by horse...
YORU: Aw...
TINUVIELLE: And the occassional teleport.
YORU: Cool!
*Yoru grins revealing a mouth full of jagged fangs*
TINUVIELLE: Uh... Try not to smile dear, some might find it a little alarming.
MARTIN: Tinuvielle, a word? We may have a problem... The Guan-Yin Temple is a little out of our way...
TINUVIELLE: Yoru's not going back there.
MARTIN: He's not? Surely you don't mean to take him with us?
TINUVIELLE: That's exactly what I mean to do.
MARTIN: But he's a child. It's dangerous.
TINUVIELLE: And you really think anywhere is safe for him? He's half-demon. Most people kill Demons on sight! Do you honestly think they'll stop to ask if he's a pacifist? Besides this is a simple seek & return mission.
MARTIN: And how much of our hefty fee do you think is danger money?
TINUVIELLE: He's my son and my responsibility. He's coming with us. I've missed too much of his childhood already.