This week in Epic Fail: Martin offends Tinuvielle by suggesting she miss the adventure in order to look after Yoru. She just thinks he’s being a chauvinist.

Creator’s Commentary: The punchline on this page made me giggle lots. Have you ever experienced something like that where you’re having private thoughts and somebody suddenly says them out loud? Only most of the time they actually said something completely different, you only thought they said what you were thinking. Or did they?

I revised the dialogue on this page sooo many times. It was tricky because in, um, ‘reality’ (RPG-land) it was Amuletts that tried to persuade Tinuvielle to stay at home with the kid, and she wasn’t nearly as delicate. I know I’ve probably just annoyed all the Amuletts fans but she was stealing the limelight. STEALING it. Seriously though I don’t think the scene could have revealed much of Amuletts’ character the way it does for Martin. It serves the story better this way getting a few undercurrents out into the open.

↓ Transcript
MARTIN: You don't have to come.
MARTIN: We could do without you.
TINUVIELLE: I don't think so.
MARTIN: We're finding a key; the world isn't going to end if you sit this one out.
TINUVIELLE: So you want me to stay at home and make house like a good Little Woman?
MARTIN: I just want to help you make the right decision.
TINUVIELLE: And I'm so ditzy I can't possibly make a decision without a man to help me!
MARTIN: Tinuvielle... I care about you.
TINUVIELLE: Nobody asked you to!
*Tinuvielle storms away and there's a pause as she glares at him from across the yard and he stares after her*
GROOM: How'd you like t' ride that filly?
GROOM: Would you like to ride this horse, Sir?