This Week in Epic Fail: Yoru seems to like his Pony trembling in fear and so the party depart for Kasperbianca where the Adventure will really begin…

Creator’s Commentary: Prepare yourself – there will be another update of Epic Fail tomorrow because it is Dialogue Free Comics Day. I know! This never happens! Must be someone’s Birthday. Oh wait! It’s mine 🙂

I’m loving drawing that Gryphon. I was originally going to alter the part where it flys out of the frame, so it stayed inside the box, but it looked cool so I kept it.

This page marks the end of Adventure prep and the beginning of Adventure proper. Of course there will still be a fair old bit of general messing around because this comic is Epic Fail.

EDIT: On posting I’ve noticed a few mistakes (Yoru’s funky ears, Dirk’s disappearing sword and Martin’s sword shrinkage). Will fix after D&D.  – FIXED

↓ Transcript
TINUVIELLE: It's not vibrating it's...
AMULETTS: Terrified.
TINUVIELLE: Nervous. It's never had a... you ride it before.
Do you want to try a different one?
YORU: Iiit's okaay I liiiiike it!

AMULETTS: Last one to Kasperbianca is a rotten egg.
MARTIN: Do you think we should tell her she's going the wrong way?
DIRK: Lets not.

The Adventure is just beginning...