Today in Epic Fail: Amuletts plants a gem in Martin’s saddlebag then ‘steals’ it back making sure Dirk is watching her.

Creator’s Commentary: It is Dialogue Free Comics Day today and I took up the challenge to draw a comic telling the story with only pictures and no text. I hope you can follow it easily enough. There are lots of other webcomics doing the challeng as well today so make sure you check them out.

Yes Amuletts is engaging in the sport she likes to call ‘Paladin Baiting’ (quite possibly to distract for her mistake of flying off in the wrong direction on the previous page). I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. You can assume she does this ‘fake theft’ thing quite a bit in order to confuse Dirk.

↓ Transcript
FRAME 1: Amuletts is ferreting in a belt-pouch.
FRAME 2: She inspects a ruby with a sly grin.
FRAME 3: Flying over the travelling party she drops the gem.
FRAME 4: The gem falls neatly into one of Martin's saddle-bags. He is oblivious.
FRAME 5: Amuletts lands her Gryphon, making sure she is behind Martin and in front of Dirk.
FRAME 6: Riding up besides Martin she reaches into his saddle-bag. As she does so she looks behind her to make sure Dirk is watching.
FRAME 7: Amuletts withdraws her hand from the saddle-bag holding the shiny gem, having apparently stolen it. Dirk looks furious; he grinds his teeth, his face is red and steam hisses from his ears.