This week in Epic Fail: Dirk realises Amuletts has been messing with him again and is unhappy. Tinuvielle decides she’s going to do something about it.

Creator’s Commentary: “Fool me once shame on you; Fool me twice shame on me.”

In D&D terms the ‘Slippery’ spell would be the ‘Grease’ spell (but I kinda want non-D&D players to understand what the spell does without reading a spell description, thus the renaming).

I know Amuletts elicits mixed feelings in fans: some love her some hate her. But I think you can all agree that she’s been asking for it for a while now.

↓ Transcript
*Dirk rides past Amuletts and snatches the red gem from her hand. He reigns in his horse next to Martin, who is surprised by this sudden, dramatic arrival. Dirk shows him the gem.*
DIRK: Yours I believe?
MARTIN: Erm... what? No... I don't own any gems.
*Dirk looks frustrated*
DIRK: Why?
AMULETTS: 'S'mine.
DIRK: No. Why do you persist in tormenting me?
AMULETTS: I dunno. For fun? You just make it so easy...
*Tinuvielle has been watching events*
TINUVIELLE: *spellcasting* Slippery.