This week in Epic Fail: Martin thows a bucket of water over Amuletts’ and Tinuvielle’s heads, not because he hasn’t noticed the fire is already out, but to put an end to their argument. The women start to take off their wet clothes but Dirk covers up their nudity with a ‘Censorship’ sign he just happens to have on him.

Creator’s Commentary: Personally I’m against censorship (now’t wrong with a bit of nudity) but I’m quite happy to use it as a joke because I think it’s something a Paladin would entirely approve of.

From an art perspective I’m quite pleased with the water pouring down but the background is poor. It looks like they’re floating somewhere in the planets outer atmosphere :s Sorry… will fix at some point.

While you’re here let me draw your attention to United Webcomics Walpurgisnacht Project, a sort of webcomics art swap themed around “Witches Night”. Great fun, check it out!

↓ Transcript
*Martin pours a bucket of water over Amuletts' and Tinuvielle's heads with a SPLOOSH*
TINUVIELLE: It was out, you idiot!
MARTIN: I know. I thought you could do with cooling off! For Pete's Sake it's the middle of the night. Enough of this carry-on.
AMULETTS & TINUVIELLE (simultaneously): Sorry Martin.
TINUVIELLE: I guess we should get out of these wet things.
*Tinuvielle and Amuletts starts to undress but Dirk blocks them from view by holding up a sign that reads 'Censored'*
DIRK: Move along. Nothing to see here.
MARTIN: Do you always carry a censored sign around with you?
DIRK: Of course I do, I'm a Paladin!