This week in Epic Fail: Clodin is trying out a new look to try and get noticed more.

Creator’s Commentary: So, yeah, reference to ‘The Hobbit.’ They sure seem to like their plaits in Middle Earth don’t they?

↓ Transcript
The next morning...

TINUVIELLE: Clodin, I need that mirror!
CLODIN: Hang on! I'm working on my new look.
CLODIN: I'm fed up of being overlooked! There were these girls in town drooling over these dwarves...
GIRLS: Ooo they're sooo sexy!
CLODIN: But they wouldn't look at me twice!
Well no longer! *Clodin reveals his hair in an array of plaits that stand upright upon his head*
TINUVIELLE: EEEP!! *Tinuvielle's hair stands on end*
CLODIN: What do you think?
TINUVIELLE: People will definitely look at you twice!
CLODIN: Hey... You stole my idea!

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