Pg 77: I Know What You Did Last Night

This week in Epic Fail: Yoru warns Amuletts to stay away from his Mother if she wants to go to Nirvana.

Creator’s Commentary: Strictly speaking, in D&D, followers of Guan Yin do not go to Nirvana, they go to the plain of Lawful-Neutral or some-such. Personally though I’d rather stay true to the original mythos, so Yoru has been taught that his goal is the achieve enlightenment and reach Nirvana.

Life-wise I have moved house, the downside being it’ll be a while before I have a proper internet connection, but the upside being I have a much better living room. Well, for a start I actually have a living room (there wasn’t one I could use at my previous house) but furthermore it has a decent-sized table for gaming (we used to play in my bedroom, on a fold-out craft table).

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