This week in Epic Fail: Yoru is very interested when Tinuvielle reveals Amuletts met a God. He goes to Martin to find out more.

Creator’s Commentary: Is it me or is Yoru a little taller..?

Upcoming pages are going to be crazy, because Martin has a crazy story to tell. Well it has Loki in it, God of Chaos, so what did you expect?

Yep, deviating from the ‘Main Plot’ again. That’s just something I tease you with 😉

Sorry about the lazy background.

↓ Transcript
TINUVIELLE: Amuletts she... met this God, Loki, but it kind of messed her up.
YORU: She met a God? Gosh! I sure would like to meet Guan Yin!
TINUVIELLE: But because of that we sort of... take *care* of her. Do you understand?
YORU: How did she meet a God?
TINUVIELLE: Oh I don't know, you'd have to ask her.
Y: I'm not allowed to talk to Amuletts.
TINUVIELLE: Oh no, that's right. Well Martin was there, you could ask him.
YORU: Okay.
YORU: Mother said you could tell me how Amuletts met Loki.
MARTIN: I sure can! I was right there.
YORU: You met a God too?
MARTIN: Yes although Loki isn't a God I'd *choose* to meet.