This Week in Epic Fail: Martin begins his story and explains how the adventuring party was different in the past.

Creator’s Commentary: First comic inked on my Cintiq!

↓ Transcript
MARTIN (Narrating): Amuletts and I have been adventuring together since the very start.
YOUNGER AMULETTS: Us newbies should look out for one another.
MARTIN (Narrating): We've been through a lot... And learned to rely on each other.
Pictured: Martin saving Amuletts from a giant lizard, followed by Amuletts saving Martin from falling off a cliff.
MARTIN (Narrating): We were members of a more experienced adventuring party. There was...
Jira, of the Singing Axe (an armoured women with short, red hair holding an axe with an orange blade, carved with magical runes)
Minerva, Cleric of Idun (a smiling woman with brown hair dressed in autumnal colours, holding a basket of apples, proffering one)
Our Leader, Willi Creutzfeld (A man with curly brown hair, a fancy beard and even fancier armour holding a bejewelled sword)
Lan (Nervous looking blond man with a pageboy haircut and two-handed sword)
Dalion the Wizard (A very wrinkly Halfling with white hair that sticks out dramatically. He wears blue robes and carries a book and a staff. The staff is much taller than he is and disappears out of view)