This week in Epic Fail: In retrospect stepping through that portal was a really bad idea.

Creator’s Commentary: If you want to see the uncensored version of page 82 click here.

This really happened in our D&D game. Blame the guy who wrote “All adventurers arrive completely naked and devoid of special equipment.” Not that I mind a bit of nudity 😉

It was interesting doing the different body types, especially Jira as a muscular woman, and Dalion, the wrinkly Halfling. Oh, yes, and Humans have body hair, Elves not so much. It’s in the Player’s Handbook that Elves are hairless except on their heads.

↓ Transcript
(Flashback continues; after stepping through the portal all characters are completely naked!)
MINERVA: My clothes!
LAN: My clothes!
JIRA: My clothes!
MINERVA: Is it me or have those demons got a lot bigger?
(Demons now look bigger and more monstrous: One purple and dog-like, but with four arms two of which end in giant pincers. The second is bright red and pig-like only much furrier with wings and large fangs.)