This Week in Epic Fail: Martin continues his story with parental guidance from Tinuvielle.

Creator’s Commentary: You can find an uncensored version of this page here.

I’m a real fan of the unreliable narrator. Not only does it allow for great comedy it also allows me to tell Dungeons and Dragons stories without ‘spoiling’ the scenario for anyone. Sure, you may find some things familiar but they aren’t going to help your characters against those great big Demons!

Incidentally I do try to keep the comic PG because whilst I personally don’t have a problem with nudity I respect that others do.

↓ Transcript
MARTIN: My companions were paralysed with fear
JIRA: I was not!
MARTIN: Only I, Martin, could save them!
COMPANIONS (pulling expressions of horror): Ooo we're so scared!
AMULETTS: Save us!
MARTIN: I challenged the Demons to a...
TINUVIELLE (interrupting): Spelling Bee!
MARTIN: And fought them with nothing but my bare...
MARTIN: And finally gave them an almighty...
TINUVIELLE: ...Telling off!
(In dream sequence)
MARTIN: Bad Demons!
DEMON: S-sorry!