This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts dismisses Minerva as a Crazy Cat Lady with an elven fetish.

Creator’s Commentary: So I wanted to show a cultural difference here with Minerva thinking the cat was exotic and exciting because it was Elven and Amuletts thinking, well that’s just a bog-standard, regular cat because she’s an Elf and grew up with them (probably..).

↓ Transcript
MINERVA: You're crazy.
AMULETTS: Me? You're literally the crazy cat lady. You gave up everything you own for an ordinary cat.
MINERVA: It's an Elven Cat.
AMULETTS: Like I said, an ordinary cat. Wait... Do you have a fetish for Elven things? ... Should I be worried?
WILLI: Minera may be crazy but she's right. About Loki, not the cat thing. You're new at this. Listen to the voice of experience.
AMULETTS: I'm sorry. But it was your experience that got us into this.