Pg 96: Conditional

This Week in Epic Fail:

Yeah, like that was going to work…

Creator’s Commentary:

So I’m back from hiatus, sorry about that. I’ve been having really chronic migraines roughly 50% of the month on average so pretty nasty, it’s made it really hard to get anything done let alone the comic. In turn this has impacted my depression, anxiety and LDs, but … (although I don’t want to count my chickens before they are hatched) I seem to be going through a ‘good patch’ at the moment and this may be due to improving my sleeping conditions (blackout curtains, memory foam mattress topper & pillow, using ear plug when it’s noisy). So there is a good chance of disturbed sleep (even very minor disturbances) being a big trigger and possibly things like neck/back tension. So I will see how things go and hopefully it will be a permanent improvement. It’s a bit early to say however.

Hope you enjoy the new comic pages and shenanigans with Amuletts and Loki. Patreons: Uh, yeah, I kinda did a bit of a revision. Check the Epic Fail patreon page to see my totally chaotic artistic process.


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