Pg 99: Let me help you.

This Week in Epic Fail:
Amuletts expresses doubts. Is Loki really nice?

Creator’s Commentary:
After my hiatus, dealing with migraine and MH, I’m back!

This page is colored by Hyro Rizen (well, panel 3 – can you tell the difference?). I was having a rough time looking at the screen for long periods of time because of chronic migraines so I thought I’d try collaborating with this very gifted artist.
He says: “Hello fans of Epic Fail. The name I go by is Hyro Rizen. I am going to be helping Amy with her comic. I’ll be inking and coloring. I’m going to do my best! Thank you all for reading Epic Fail. 🙂 ”

I think his help will be more useful than Loki’s!

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