Pg 1: Crowds suck when you’re in a hurry

I’m probably breaking some rule of web-comicery here, but influenced by Josh Middleton’s ‘Sky Between Branches’ preview comic (one of my most prized possessions) I have always wanted to do a silent page.  In addition to the lack of text there is no punchline, no climax, very little information and whatever is there is probably misleading.

It’s probably a very bad first page, but I like it.  The first page is a unique opportunity to take advantage of the fact that the readers know nothing.  You don’t know who this person is, what their background is, what their goal is or even if any of it matters.  I’m hoping to draw you in via suspense and curiosity.  Let me know if it works!

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As far as first pages go, it’s off to a good start.
Technical note: you do horses better than I do. Mine all manage to look lifeless.

I enjoyed this first page, it felt serene yet it made me want to know what brought the character to the location and why. This page makes me want to read more, and that makes a great first page.

I think the page works very well, actually. There is a climax (of sorts), and it does make sense.
We're traveling with the rider, following his focus.
Very very big file-size though, my connection is begging for mercy.

Silent panels/pages, used in moderation, can be a wonderful dramatic device. They are acutally very common as establishing shots at the beginning of a comic, a practice we learned from manga and anime. Scott McCloud's lovely Understanding Comics touches on this a little.

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