This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts, exasperated by Clodins stubbornness, laments that Martin paid her so little. Hearing this the dwarf is even more outraged. Amuletts realises she has hit a brick wall and, growing impatient, uses the force magic to manipulate him.  It works.  Clodin accepts her apology,  however, Dirk is still being held by her minion, Andy Roid.  She thinks it is funny, but agrees to order his release after Tinuvielle threatens her.  Tinuvielle is most embarrassed to discover Amuletts finds her ‘cute.’

Creator’s Commentary: So now you’ve been introduced the main abilities Amuletts receives from her God, Loki.  She can produce fire and use a minor charm spell (like the Force magic can have a strong influence on the weak-minded).   These mimic abilities the deity himself has, but are far less powerful.  Unlike normal spells they require no preparation and are used at will, so she tends to throw them off rather casually.

↓ Transcript
AMULETTS: Ngh! I'm not getting paid enough for this!
CLODIN: WHAT!? You're getting paid? I'm not accepting any apology you were paid to give!
AMULETTS: Wait... did I say that out loud?
Aww, can't you just accept my apology 'cos it's, y'know, easier?
AMULETTS: Predictable.
Let's try that again!
Clodin, I suggest you accept my apology.
CLODIN: I accept your apology.
AMULETTS: If in doubt - use magic. *wink*
TINUVIELLE: Alright? Difference settled? All happy?
DIRK: NO! This accursed GOLEM still has me in its grasp.
AMULETTS: Oh, it's GREAT to have a minion! Heh heh.
TINUVIELLE: Amuletts tell it to release him.
AMULETTS: But it's SO funny!
TINUVIELLE: How about I pepper you with every spell I can remember? THAT would be funny and I really can't think of a better use for them today.
AMULETTS: Alright - I'm bored with it now anyway. Y'know you're really cute when you're angry.

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