Grow RPG

Grow RPG / Grow Series


‘Grow’ is an RPG puzzle game. Grow your own kingdom on this little world by clicking and dragging various elements from the side onto the the word ‘GROW’ in the centre, but beware for an evil force is working against you! As you create there’s a Big Bad Demony thingy trying to destroy everything by jumping up and down to cause earthquakes and populating the land with monsters! At the end the hero must try to defeat him – but he can only do so with the right help.

After you’ve placed things on the globe they will level up. Some are more powerful than others and some will only level if they interact with another object. Your goal is to put them down in the correct order so that everything reaches their maximum level and can give the hero the help he needs!

At the end of the game there is a little animation where the hero goes around the map collecting things he needs and fighting monsters. How well you’ve done will directly impact how well he does. Will you solve the puzzle and save the kingdom?


Drag and drop objects from the side onto the word ‘Grow’.
You must find the correct order to win.