Hack Slash Crawl

‘Hack Slash Crawl’ is a hack ‘n slash, dungeon-crawling adventure! This is a very easy game to just pick up and play with simple, intuitive controls. New dungeons are dynamically created with new layouts and new monsters that get progressively harder. The goal is simple: get as far as you can and gather the most riches!

You get a lot of interesting options at Character Creation: 10 player races (well 12 if you play on Mochi Games and pay to unlock the extra 2) and 12 character classes, so you can create some unique combinations. Among the races are ‘Kitilid’ – a giant fly man, a Werewolf, a Golem, a Celestial, an Altantian, a Vampire and more! Have fun trying them out, they all come with different resistances and abilities which are discribes clearly. Alternatively if you can’t make up your mind you can just choose the ‘random’ option.

The dungeon map is shown in the top-left corner of the screen. To get to the next level you have to find a Well (a black hole in the ground) and drop through it. The ‘well’ is shown on your map as a white dot. You click to move and click on enemies to target them, or items to pick them up. It’s point-and-click! Simple!

To cast spells or use magical abilities you click on 1 the spell menu at the bottom of the pane. If you hover your mouse pointer over them a description will show. If the spell needs to be targeted it will pause the game while you select your target, otherwise the effect is instant. You can also use spells via the hotkeys they are assigned to (1-8).

Your score is based on how much gold you have when you die so make sure you sell items you do not need in the inventory screen. You can get there by clicking ‘Inventory’ on the bottom-left (by the way this flashes when you have new items). You can equip items by dragging and dropping them into the appropriate slot or sell them by dragging them into the ‘sell items’ zone. Some items increase stats or have spells on them.