Monster Den

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A Dungeon Crawl-style Flash RPG adventure game. Create a party of four heroes and explore the dungeon map whilst defeating monsters and collecting loot. It is a point-and-click game – you only need your mouse.

Character Creation: A party of four characters is automatically generated on gamestart, so you can run with those or customise them. There are 5 Character Classes to choose from: Warrior, Cleric, Mage, Ranger and Rogue. You can name them either by generating random names (click RND) or typing them in. Click ‘sex’ to change gender between male and female. There are 10 male character portraits to choose from and 5 female.

Dungeon Map/ Movement: Click corridors and rooms on a dungeon map to explore them. You will be able to see if there is treasure, loot or a shrine in the rooms next to you before choosing to go into them. It is a good idea to hover your mouse over the symbol in the centre of the room to get a better idea of what you are facing so that you do not enter into fights you are not prepared for!

There’s a percentage meter to show how much of the level you have explored, and a hit button you can click to show up unexplored corridors in red. You do not have to explore the entire level before moving to to next, but if you don’t you may miss something.

Character Screen: Click on any character portrait or the text ‘CHAR’ to enter the character screen, and ‘Return’ to come out of it again and back to the dungeon map. In the character screen you will see each characters stats as well as their ‘doll’ and the main inventory.

Stats: The main character statistics are Strength, Endurance, Dexterity and Intellect. When a character levels up you get to increase these stats as well as give them new combat skills. You can tell when your character needs levelling because the ‘statistics’ and ‘skills’ tabs will flash.

Inventory: The inventory has 45 item slots so you will need to do some inventory management. If you try to pick up loot while your inventory is full you will loose it! The exception to this is potions which stack, so they only take one inventory slot no matter how many you have. To remove items from your inventory you will need to click and drag it onto the read ‘X’. To equip an item you need to drag it onto your characters doll. When you mouseover an item it will show details about it and compare it to items you are currently using to show which is better. To use potions or scrolls drag them onto the picture of character you wish to use it.

Tip: You are given ‘Scrolls of Deception’ when you start which enables you to avoid the next fight (use it then step into the room). Very useful at low levels or when you are in a bad way to avoid party wipe-out! Find a shrine and heal up (remember to ONLY use shrines if you need them because they can only be used once). If a character does die you can use a yellow potion of revival on them to bring them back.

Combat: You are asked to arrange your characters strategically at the beginning of the battle. Remember to put your melee fighters at the front and range attackers at the back.

Combat is turn-based. Speed determines who acts first. If it is a characters turn they will be highlighted in yellow. Things they can attack are highlighted in red. Each character has various abilities they can use, shown on the left. Mouseover for more detail. Special attacks and magic use up ‘power’ (measured by the blue bar) whereas the default attack does not. Select the ability you wish to use and then the target. Remember some spells are area effect! Be careful with these because if you fireball a monster in the front row you may burn your allies as well! And watch out: if your character’s health bar turns green it means they are poisoned!

There’s also the option to skip a go, or retreat from battle if you are getting hammered!

Saving: Monster Den uses cookies to save your progress so you can leave and continue where you left off when you come back (assuming you are using the same computer and haven’t deleted the cookie).