Pg 10: Ground 1; Dirk Nil

This week in Epic Fail: With either incredibly good or incredibly bad timing Amuletts orders Andy to release Dirk just when he happens to be straining to his utmost. Gravity plays its part; Dirk falls on his arse. Tinuvielle helps him up, and berates him sternly for allowing himself to be baited. He resolves never to let it happen again. This is put to the test immediately when Amuletts decides to create an illusion re-enacting his fall.

Creator’s Commentary: I wasn’t sure whether this page was going to work out, because it has a lot of Dirk in it and his character design was the least worked out. But now it’s all done I think it’s pretty funny. *Snigger*


Fanart from Sacred Pie

Today I recieved this brilliant, action-packed piece of fan art from Phil Shaw of Sacred Pie. It’s of Martin, Clodin and Amuletts versus a Cave Troll. I really appreciate the attention to detail here and especially the character nuances. It’s a wonderful mix of action and humour – I only hope I can do as well when I get to the big fight scenes! At least I know who to go to for advice.

Sacred Pie is an epic science fiction webcomic. It begins with a mysterious traveller stumbling through a portal into Sid, Roonas and Bob’s living room. Following a portentous demand involving the fate of the universe, he disintegrates on their carpet leaving a stain and several artifacts.

It’s the story of ordinary guys turned super-heroes with resemblances to Star Wars and The Last Starfighter. The art inproves as the story progresses with some experimentation along the way. There’s a lot going on which can be hard to keep track of sometimes, but if you are looking for variety and a comic that doesn’t take itself too seriously this is the perfect read.

Pg 9: This isn’t the argument you’re looking for

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts, exasperated by Clodins stubbornness, laments that Martin paid her so little. Hearing this the dwarf is even more outraged. Amuletts realises she has hit a brick wall and, growing impatient, uses the force magic to manipulate him.  It works.  Clodin accepts her apology,  however, Dirk is still being held by her minion, Andy Roid.  She thinks it is funny, but agrees to order his release after Tinuvielle threatens her.  Tinuvielle is most embarrassed to discover Amuletts finds her ‘cute.’

Creator’s Commentary: So now you’ve been introduced the main abilities Amuletts receives from her God, Loki.  She can produce fire and use a minor charm spell (like the Force magic can have a strong influence on the weak-minded).   These mimic abilities the deity himself has, but are far less powerful.  Unlike normal spells they require no preparation and are used at will, so she tends to throw them off rather casually.

Pg 8: How can you be deaf with ears like that?

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts, in an act of friendship, explains to Martin that he should expect her to try and cheat him.  (If she hitherto succeeds Amuletts will consider Martin responsible since he was warned but let her do it anyway).  Unfortunately, with a mix of subtlety and a word of over three syllables, she merely manages to confuse him.star_trek_huge_ears

She offers Clodin a rather glib apology which only in angers him further.  Finally, the irate dwarf feigns deafness.

Creator’s Commentary: The title for this page is a quote from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Look, I took a screen capture of the alien Dr.McCoy was referring to.  Yep – them’s some huge ears!  Anyway, I used it in this instance to poke a little fun at my own cartoon style.  I tend to, shall we say, exaggerate ears a bit.

Pg 7: Because you can’t get something for nothing

This week in Epic Fail: Clodin throws an axe into Amuletts’ negotiations with Martin. Martin figures 100 gold is a small price to pay for her to behave herself. She explains, rather cryptically, that he has been cheated, but pockets the money anyway.

Creator’s Commentary: Now you know why Clodin responded so violently.  As for Amuletts… she’s greedy.  Mind you, she didn’t think Martin would take her offer, after all, it was extortionate!  He was supposed to barter.  Gold to Amuletts is rather like a pocketful of coppers, but “look after the pennies…”

Incidentally I like the close-ups on Clodin.  They worked out better than I expected.

I gave my Mother the comic to read and she did so out loud.  She did Clodin’s lines with a squeaky little voice, presumably because he is small.  It made me laugh.