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Old English Sheepdog Pencil Drawing

Old English Sheepdog Pencil Drawing by Amy Letts Pet Portraits

Old English Sheepdog - Detail view of pencil drawing by Amy Letts
Face Detail

Another doggy drawing!

This is the commission I got from one of the friends I play D&D with. I was for his girlfriend as a Valentines Day present because they both adore Old English Sheepdogs and want to have one as a pet one day. Aww! Apparently she loved it, and now I can post the picture of it here in my blog without any risk of ruining the surprise.

I used photo reference and drew with a very light pencil at first; I wanted to detail as much of the hair as possible, I mean, an Old English Sheepdog is pretty much ALL hair so it’s very important (such a big, hairy and beautiful breed)! Then I gradually added the darker tones and shading, using a smudge stick to gently blend.

It was rather fun, and I got to use a lot of different line types to create the textures in the background. YAY!



An old watercolour painting that I finally finished.
Asrai water faerie by Amy Letts
Asrai is a type of water faerie that loves to bathe in the moonlight (which is what I fancy she is doing) but if she is captured or exposed to sunlight turns into water.


Sea Gate

No comic this week, so here’s something pretty for you to look at.

Watercolor Painting by Amy Letts

‘Sea Gate’ Watercolor painting by Amy Letts


Epic Fail on Y2CL Radio


I was interviewed about Epic Fail on Y2CL Radio and you can listen to or download the podcast here.  Aside from me talking about fascinating things you can hear some great music by Sam Letts (my sister) and Dave Letts (my Dad).

A quick warning – it’s 18+ and deserves that rating.