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My Birthday Song

“Birthday! Birthday! Birthday! This is my Birthday Song; And I’m going to sing it all day long because it is my Birthday!”

Just a silly song I made up on my Birthday. You can sing it on yours if you like.


Birthday Guest Art 4

A belated but warmly received Birthday present from purenightshade of Children of the Tiger, a good friend of mine. In this picture Amuletts is looking at Kinrou’s right glove which is adorned by a Sacred Gem – a large ruby the size of a ducks egg.  Yeah… I doubt she’s going to give that back and if she does she’ll only steal it again later, the earrings too I shouldn’t wonder.


Birthday Guest Art 2

Yesterday was my Birthday and this is a present I was given by George Ward aka DungeonWarden of Dungon Legacy. His comic, like mine, is based on D&D but has been running for a lot longer. In this picture Karlaia and Arlina are handing Amuletts a gift. I wonder what’s inside? Hmm, that box is too big for a Deck of Many Things, perhaps it’s a Bag of Holding. Amuletts is very fond of her extra-dimensional spaces. Then again it could be full of gems!! Well, whatever it is, lets hope Amuletts does not floccinaucinihilipilificate* it.

TGT Webcomics also wished me a Happy Birthday on their podcast, so you should check that out too.

*This is one of the longest words in the English language and since discovering it I’ve wanted an excuse to use it. It means “The act or habit of describing or regarding something as worthless.”


Wish Epic Fail a Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Epic Fail!

Epic Fail is one year old today and Amuletts and I are fighting over the cake!  So wish us a Happy Birthday in the comments below and at the end of today I’ll randomly select five people from the commenters to receive a piece of  gift art.  Yes, it’s reverse Birthday – I’m giving the presents!

Thanks to everyone in the webcomics community for a great first year especially those of the Webcomic Planet Collective for being so helpful and supportive.

And if you want to give us a pressent pre-order our first comic book and help raise money to get them printed by our convention in March.  As always, thanks for reading.  I hope this second year will be even better.


Cameo Catch-Up

Last year I missed a couple of Cameos so I thought I’d take this opportunity to play catch-up and show that I appreciate them.

Tinuvielle Cameo in LOVEFEASTFirst up Tinuvielle appeared in LOVEFEAST, hanging out in the Institute for Training in the Arts of Death and cheering on ‘delicious conflict.’  Well well, isn’t she a dark horse?

LOVEFEAST is a webcomic by Senshuu about former mortals training to become Shinigami: Gods of Death!  The characters are learning to cope with their extraordinary new powers and responsibilities whilst struggling to retain their humanity.  They are just starting their journey and it’s sure to be an interesting ride!  LOVEFEAST is an adult comic and has adult themes delivered with a smidgen of dry humour.  Interesting and worth checking out.

Amuletts Cameo in Dungeon Legacy

Next we have Amuletts turning up in Dungeon Legacy tucked behind Minos the Minotaur there.  She’s checking out a trial (probably hoping to see the law perverted) along with characters from several other webcomics credited here.

Dungeon Legacy by George Ward (aka Dungeon Warden) is, like Epic Fail, is based on Dungeons and Dragons and has been running for, oh, simply ages. It’s a comic I enjoy and have read almost all of it.  Dungeon Legacy actually gets on with the story instead of telling stupid jokes!  There’s a lesson in there somewhere…

Thanks to everyone in the wonderful webcomics community who have supported Epic Fail and done such great Fan Art and Cameos.  It really made my first year a good one.  That’s right – Epic Fail is one year old tomorrow! Granted I haven’t updated every week of that year… but I started on January 9th and it’s almost January 9th again.  Hurrah!


Promo Amuletts & My Birthday

amulettswebI was asked to whip up promotional images of my characters by the WCPC, so here’s the first one of Amuletts.

As some of you will know it was my Birthday yesterday.  I had a lovely day and went to see the new Star Trek movie.  I got


some nice presents, amongst them a Lil’ Richard Plushie!  Richard is a character from one of my favorite webcomics: Looking For Group.

Side by side it’s hard to work out which one of us is more evil, isn’t it?