Webcomic Cameos Completed

Thought I would never finish this didn’t you? Well I have, and it only took a year! I started tis during the last Webcomic Planet War and it took another to chivvy me into finishing it!

If you recall I was very unhappy about the crowd scene in page 11 Appreciation and wanted to improve it by bringing in characters from other webcomics.  And you can fianlly see the results:


Here is a list of everybody in the crowd and the comics they are (from top left to bottom right):

Matilda and Constance from A Mad Tea Party
The Whizz from Maskerman
Alfonso the Paladin from Recombobulated
Keith from Karmic Debt
Talon and Vrin (well, she has her head cut off) from The War of Winds
Future Paladin from The Best of What’s Left (TBOWL)
Lana from Spying with Lana
Patty from Galaxion (in her hat)
Lena from Sunset Grill
Haylus and Jaze from Atomic Elements
Gabriel and Falahil from Between Places
Kishandren and Kinrou from Childern of the Tiger
Zelda and Louise from Life’s a Witch
Nogi of Dungeon Legacy
Hippolyte and Cyrene of Amazoness

If you like you can use it as your WALLPAPER. This is the first wallpaper I have ever made so I hope you like it.


Cameo Catch-Up

Last year I missed a couple of Cameos so I thought I’d take this opportunity to play catch-up and show that I appreciate them.

Tinuvielle Cameo in LOVEFEASTFirst up Tinuvielle appeared in LOVEFEAST, hanging out in the Institute for Training in the Arts of Death and cheering on ‘delicious conflict.’  Well well, isn’t she a dark horse?

LOVEFEAST is a webcomic by Senshuu about former mortals training to become Shinigami: Gods of Death!  The characters are learning to cope with their extraordinary new powers and responsibilities whilst struggling to retain their humanity.  They are just starting their journey and it’s sure to be an interesting ride!  LOVEFEAST is an adult comic and has adult themes delivered with a smidgen of dry humour.  Interesting and worth checking out.

Amuletts Cameo in Dungeon Legacy

Next we have Amuletts turning up in Dungeon Legacy tucked behind Minos the Minotaur there.  She’s checking out a trial (probably hoping to see the law perverted) along with characters from several other webcomics credited here.

Dungeon Legacy by George Ward (aka Dungeon Warden) is, like Epic Fail, is based on Dungeons and Dragons and has been running for, oh, simply ages. It’s a comic I enjoy and have read almost all of it.  Dungeon Legacy actually gets on with the story instead of telling stupid jokes!  There’s a lesson in there somewhere…

Thanks to everyone in the wonderful webcomics community who have supported Epic Fail and done such great Fan Art and Cameos.  It really made my first year a good one.  That’s right – Epic Fail is one year old tomorrow! Granted I haven’t updated every week of that year… but I started on January 9th and it’s almost January 9th again.  Hurrah!


Webcomic Cameos Work-in-Progress

cameowipThe ‘new’ crowd scene for page 11 with the webcomic cameos is coming along slowly- but it’s coming along! Thankyou for being so patient. I thought I’d give you a small reward by posting a picture of the work in progress.

As you can see it still has a long way to go with plenty more characters to add and coloring on top, but I hope you like what you see so far and recognise some of the characters. I feel so priviledged at being allowed to draw them I am taking extra special care! Everyone who wanted a cameo in this scene will get one.


Whatever happened to those Webcomic Cameos?

With one this or another – namely a migraine and internet troubles – the cameos for page 11 did not get done.  These things happen sometime.  I’m still working on it though, and so far it looks great!  I won’t make the mistake of promising when it’ll be up though, because so far whenever I have fate has conspired against me.  I’ll be twittering loudly and posting prominantly when it’s done so you won’t miss it.


My first review and other news

Epic Fail has had a really lovely, positive review at The Soulless Machine, a review blog covering short stories and other stuff. It’s a good place for discovering new literature that’s somewhat outside the mainstream, and is very supportive of small press and self-publishers. You can read their review of Epic Fail here.  I hardly need add that I’m chuffed as ninepence.

In other news, I’ve registered the domain name which I think is more memorable and easier to pass on to people verbally. I tried to get by preorder but, alas, did not succeed. I fear it is just too popular a term for me to stand a chance.

I’m still looking for webcomic cameos to appear in a crowd scene on page 11. I’m mainly looking for human characters since these are the dominant race in my world, but I will accept a few from other races. The sooner you let me know that you would like your characters included the more likely it is they will be. I will also be making a bigger version of the scene as a free wallpaper.

Just to remind you I still need support in the webcomic WAR! I’ve already promised to post a picture of myself in my underwear if I win, but there is likely to be some other kind of extra content to reward my loyal fans in the event of a victory! So please do a little something, and thankyou all.