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Custom Art Card Sleeves for Magic the Gathering etc

Do you play Magic the Gathering or other collectable card games with precious cards you need to keep safe? Tired of boring, plain card protectors that are weak and fall apart when used? How about a strong, custom card protector customised with your own artwork?

If this sounds appealing to you then you need to back this Kickstarter Project created by my good friend George (a fellow gamer at my University’s Wargames & Roles Play (WARP) Society).

Protect your cards, and look good while you do it! Tough, durable card sleeves with the art of your choice on the back!

A lot of gamers like to use card protectors to prevent the cards getting sticky, marked or damaged when they play. Some collectable cards, such as Magic the Gathering Cards, can be valuable to! Card sleeves are a small investment that keep cards pristine, extending their life and protecting their value.

This Kickstarter campaign offers some rare Magic The Gathering cards as incentives so take a look. There’s also the target of producing handmade leather and chainmaille dice bags once the £3000 goal is reached. Currently the sleeves are sized for MtG cards but if it succeeds Penniwhistle Games would like to make different sizes available, such as those for Yu-Gi-Oh cards, but he need to get the wheels rolling and kick-start his business first!

This is a cool project so go show your support and get your own custom art card sleeves!

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Prepare to Die Interview – Part 2

The Prepare to Die interview with Michael Dellheim continues, now on the subject of the WAGON Webcomic Battle Card Game.

Click here if you haven’t read the Prepare to Die Interview – Part 1

Do you have any hidden talents?

Oh I have many hidden talents, like… um… actually I can’t think of anything specific. Maybe my hidden talent is the ability to pull things out of nowhere when people least expect it of me. My talents are so hidden that I don’t even know I have them half the time! Like a magician! Or a ninja!! A Ninja Magician!!!

… yeah I’m not buying it either.

Wagon Webcomic Battle Card GameIn fact you’ve invented your own card game! What is WAGON: Webcomic Battle and how is it played?

THAT is a long question to answer, but here’s the general idea…

The World Alliance of Geeks Online Network (W.A.G.O.N.) was established as an organization that supports independent creative websites across the internet. WAGON Webcomic Battle is a collectable cardgame created to help promote and support the content of webcomics in particular, though we do have a few cards that have come in from other sources of Geekdom.

Using creator-submitted artwork we create cards that translate the essence of a comic’s characters and plot elements into a form that can interact with the cards from other webcomics on the battlefield. This fight of course isn’t just for the fighters… sword-wielding psychos, mad scientists, and even angry videogame playing geeks can all contribute to the battle in their own unique ways. I dare say there ISN’T a comic that we couldn’t somehow integrate into the game system.