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Hedingham Castle

Hedingham Castle is a classic Norman Box Fort located in Essex, England. I was lucky to visit it on a bright, sunny day with little rain (surprising as it has barely stopped raining all summer with the highest amount of of rainfall in June since records began). As readers of the comic will already know I am using Hedingham Castle as the basis for Kasper’s Castle in the comic. I think having convincing backgrounds gives the story a grounding in realism perhaps making it a bit more believable. I think this is quite important in a story with magic and other outlandish (and sometimes ridiculous) elements. And since Hedingham Castle really isn’t that far away I couldn’t not go!

Pg 54: Kasper & Bianca

This Week in Epic Fail: Simone reveals that the magic key is located in Kasper’s Castle and tells the Adventurer’s about it’s history.

Creator’s Commentary: Aww, Kasper and Bianca are such a Romeo and Juliet.

EDITED 03/03/11 : I’ve changed the dialogue as per DugeonWarden‘s advice – the same information is there but it’s in a slightly more positive tone.