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Fan Art for Children of the Tiger

Kinrou from the webcomic Children of the Tiger. Fan Art by amulettsThis Fan Art is of Kinrou from the Fantasy webcomic Children of the Tiger by Melissa Stone aka purenightshade. I am every grateful to her for being the person to introduce me to the fact there is a webcomics community out there, and I read her webcomic regularly. This version of Kinrou is based off a pin-up she drew of him (you might be able to tell).

In the current storyline he is in a love-triangle with Kishandren and Sahiren, but in order to preserve an element of mystery I will not tell you which one he is in love with. Ha ha!

The story in Children of the Tiger very much hinges on the world, and society, in which it is based. It’s a slow reveal, where we’re gradually given pieces to the puzzle that connect events to wider politics. This is an example of a story that is not happening in a vacuum – the main characters aren’t the only people to exist or indeed the only people who are important. That’s something I like, but I think it’s hard to do. I can’t say whether the script succeeds on every level – all the pieces are not in place yet and the author is still learning.

What I like about the artwork is the bright colours. I’ll be honest: the anatomy isn’t great, but I’m a little guilty of that myself. Actually this put me onto Posemaniacs (which I never heard of before) and is such a useful resource. It basically has 3D models of nudes in all sorts of poses that you can move and practise drawing from different angles. They even include muscle structure. I might post some sketches from their references at some point.

Until then, just enjoy sexy Kinrou.


Birthday Guest Art 4

A belated but warmly received Birthday present from purenightshade of Children of the Tiger, a good friend of mine. In this picture Amuletts is looking at Kinrou’s right glove which is adorned by a Sacred Gem – a large ruby the size of a ducks egg.  Yeah… I doubt she’s going to give that back and if she does she’ll only steal it again later, the earrings too I shouldn’t wonder.


Webcomic Cameos Completed

Thought I would never finish this didn’t you? Well I have, and it only took a year! I started tis during the last Webcomic Planet War and it took another to chivvy me into finishing it!

If you recall I was very unhappy about the crowd scene in page 11 Appreciation and wanted to improve it by bringing in characters from other webcomics.  And you can fianlly see the results:


Here is a list of everybody in the crowd and the comics they are (from top left to bottom right):

Matilda and Constance from A Mad Tea Party
The Whizz from Maskerman
Alfonso the Paladin from Recombobulated
Keith from Karmic Debt
Talon and Vrin (well, she has her head cut off) from The War of Winds
Future Paladin from The Best of What’s Left (TBOWL)
Lana from Spying with Lana
Patty from Galaxion (in her hat)
Lena from Sunset Grill
Haylus and Jaze from Atomic Elements
Gabriel and Falahil from Between Places
Kishandren and Kinrou from Childern of the Tiger
Zelda and Louise from Life’s a Witch
Nogi of Dungeon Legacy
Hippolyte and Cyrene of Amazoness

If you like you can use it as your WALLPAPER. This is the first wallpaper I have ever made so I hope you like it.


More Fan Art from Children of the Tiger!

kishandren_amulettsPurenightshade drew me this wonderful cross-over piece of Amuletts and her character Kishandren showing off in their gorgeous red dresses, as worn by Amuletts here and Kishandren here.  Together I’m sure they’ll turn heads!

You should check out her comic, Children of the Tiger, because it’s totally cool and stuff.  Right now it’s heroes are preparing for an elaborate deception and a daring rescue!


Amuletts: “You stole my clothes!  Now I have to wear this!

(If the joke is too obscure I refer you to Kishandren’s previous cos-play. Coincidence that Amuletts has not been seen it those clothes since it happened?  I think not)!