Pg 115: Blue

This week in Epic Fail: The Bandits use the wand on Clodin and he turns blue.
Creator’s Commentary: Hmm, I wonder what kind of wand that could be?
The ‘war paint’ is in reference to the Celts who used Woad the paint their skin before going into battle.

Pg 113: Ambush

This week in Epic Fail: Clodin runs into an ambush

Creator’s Commentary:

I think this shows how the different characters react in combat: Tinuvielle is looking out for Yoru while Dirk and Martin consider tactics, with Martin on the kinder side, and Dirk all about the law and punishment. Clodin rushes in without thinking while Amuletts is nowhere to be seen.

Pg 69: Epic Fail

This week in Epic Fail: Clodin explains how, if this was an epic, it would be a failure.

Creator’s Commentary: How many jokes can the characters make about the comic itself without breaking the forth wall?

Btw I sorta ‘failed’ NaNoWriMo. I wussed out. Okay I had RSI from typing and was nervous about continuing because I’m sorta paranoid about my hands. I want to be able to use them for a long time so did not want to risk injuring them further. If I’d really wanted to push on I probably could have but I think it would have been a bad idea. I mean, I’ll still try to finish my story but not at such a break-neck pace!

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GUEST STRIP: Gun versus Dragon

This week in Epic Fail: Tinuvielle and Jake (the Evil Hare) plan to test whether guns blow Dragons away, but they have a back-up plan if it doesn’t work.

Creator’s Commentary: Poor Clodin! Sam Medina of Jake The Evil Hare seems to have it in for him!

Besides Jake the Evil Hare Sam Medina also makes a fantasy webcomic called Darkfell which is really good, and you should check it out. On a related note he has recently launched a Novel called Katrina the Dragon Slayer which I am reading at the moment and enjoying immensely.

Sam has drawn Epic Fail a Guest Strip before and here’s a link to it if you haven’t seen it.

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Clodin fells a Giant

Clodin fells a Giant via his favoured technique: Kneecap, kneecap, back of the head. How else could a Dwarf take down something so big?
This is the second piece of Epic Fail character art for the Wagon Webcomic Battle cardgame.