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Epic Fail Promo Banner

This is a digital painting I did of the whole Epic Fail cast looking fearsome. I’m planning on getting it printed onto an X-Banner which I can take to conventions, speaking of which I have two in May: The Bristol Small Press Expo and the MCM Expo (London). See yout there?

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Why I think Flattr is awesome for Webcomics

Flattr - Easy donations, tips and micropaymentsSo. Flattr. You are probably wondering “Flat-err-WHAT?!” having never heard of this thing. I only heard about it last week.  It was released in 2010 so it’s relatively new – less than a year old in fact, and still in beta. Nonetheless I am going to use my powers of prediction to foresee Flattr as a success – at least for webcomics!

I have a webcomic (Coo! You don’t say!) and with it terrific fans – in fact I’d go so far as to say the whole webcomics community is terrific. Fans and creators alike want to see the comics they love thrive and are incredibly supportive (and since you’re reading this I’ll take this opportunity to say, a little tearfully, Thanks Guys!) Yet, despite all this, only a small minority will send a donation. Don’t feel guilty – I have never donated myself. Sometimes I’ve hovered over the PayPal button, occassionally clicked, but gone through with it? Never.  Here’s why:

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Webcomic Review – Jake the Evil Hare

Jake the Evil Hare - A Superhero Webcomic "What happens when a very bad jackrabbit goes good?"

Jake the Evil Hare‘s tagline is: What happens when a very bad jackrabbit goes good? Jake is an Anthromorph, or ‘Furry’ if you prefer, which the comic explains in a ‘Secret of NIMH‘ / evil-scientific-experiment-gone-wrong kinda way. He’s also evil and a bit of a dick, fond of random violence and justifying murder to his own satisfaction, but he is the lesser of two evils and moreover trying to change.

This is a story of redemption althought that’s hard to see at first, largely because Jake keeps acting like a dick – an amusing dick but a dick nonetheless. Jake the Evil Hare is a complete lampoon of the Superhero genre and it’s anti-hero protagonist is probably as anti the Marvel-stlye Superhero as you are going to get.


Superman’s Epic Fail

Okay, I think it’s time for me to start blogging again about things I find funny or awesome. In this case it’s both!

Superman's Epic Fail
Photo Credit: AP Images/Gero Breloer

Even Heroes Have Bad Days‘ is a sculpture by Marcus Wittmers and took part in Berlin’s ‘Heroes, Freaks and Superrabbis‘ exhibition last year. The title says it all really. Well, when you’re flying at super speeds from planet to planet it’d only take a small miscalculation for things to go horribly, horribly wrong.

The funniest thing is there are fanboys out there arguing over this.  “Superman would knock the planet out of orbit, dude!” “Nah! He’d fly straight through it.” Heh heh, sorry guys, our evidence indicates he does a faceplant into a pavement somewhere. Heh heh.

The real intent of Berlin’s Superhero exhibition was to look at the social and historical context behind Golden Age Superheroes. Did you know that many of the most iconic superheroes, including Superman, Batman and Spiderman, were created by Jewish comic artists? Did you know that comics may have influenced America to join the fight against Nazism in World War II? Food for thought.

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Wayward Fall Interview – Part 2

The Wayward Fall Interview with Taversia continues… Click here to go back and read part one.

Q6. What challenges do you face in a Live-Action (photo) comic compared to a cartoon one?

A6. Aside from the obvious health risks involved, such as standard fight choreography and the slave-driving of hungry, sleep-deprived actors who are often much bigger and more menacing than I am, other challenges faced are making sure the script properly aligns with the storyboarding of panels. I am both acting AND directing, so it is a little difficult to be doing that while seeing to it that the photographer is capturing the right angles for certain shots. The last shoot we had, it was a bit of a fight with some faulty equipment coupled with a race against time. We need natural lighting for the best shots, and getting all of the scenes we need in a timely fashion is often a pain when there is a full cast of characters to accommodate for. Eventually, the sun goes down and then it gets to be too dark to take pictures! Beyond that, I have many more hours ahead of me for editing and photoshop work.

Snippet from the vampire webcomic Wayward Fall by Taversia