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Sunday Sketch #2: Pig in a Blanket

Another sketch from my old 2009 Guinea Pig Calendar.  This one’s supposed to be a under a blanket but because it’s a tassley blanket it kinda makes it look like a long-haired piggy.  Anyway – it’s CUTE!

Pg 30: The long and the short of it

This week in Epic Fail: Yoru becomes impatient.  Tinuvielle explains her decision to leave him in the temple’s care.

Creator’s Commentary: Aww, wasn’t Yoru a cute baby?

In the original, pre-photoshop version of this page the final frame was the smallest.  It clearly needed more prominence so I made it bigger, but in doing so lost the space in the ‘flashback’ frames I had left for text.  This resulted in the cleric’s face in frame 7 becoming obscured.  Though not intentional, I actually quite like this – Tinuvielle handing her child over to some unknown, faceless priestess kinda adds something.

There’s a fair bit of dialogue in this scene so I tried putting some of the speach bubbles behind the characters since I didn’t want it covering all my pretty artwork.