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Top Ten Alternative uses for a D20

The D20 is no longer just a die used to generate random numbers, it has became a symbol to gamers everywhere, a symbol that we are proud to be gamers. To flant one is a kind of status symbol, a kind of geek chic. Many crafty geeks have been inspired by the D20, turning it to a variety of functions. I felt it was time for a top-ten list of alternative uses for the D20. This list is in order of creativity and unusualness.

So, when is a D20 not a D20? When it’s a…



D&D Christmas Tree Ornaments

OMG! This is just too cool: hand-made Christmas tree ornaments that look like D20s!

I know you’re all wondering “what do D20’s have to do with the birth of Christ?” The answer to that is JESUS SAVES! Just like rolling a 20. See what I did there? All Christians now have a perfectly valid reason to decorate their trees with D20s 🙂

D&D Christmas Tree Ornaments D20s

I really want to make some of these. They are made of felt out of two hexagons sewn together and then stuffed. They’re hand sewn using three different kinds of stitch: oversewing for the edges, chain stitch for the lines (sewn straight from point-to-point) and running-stitch for the numbers, probably with embroidery thread.

The other decorations are retro-style nintendo controllers (also totally relevant). They’re all made by breemonkey on Craftster.orghere’s the original thread with more pictures.


Dungeons & Dragons is a Piece of Cake

Dungeons & Dragons is a piece of cake so long as the Dragon you’re slaying is made out of cake then an ordinary kitchen knife will do the job!

But, seriously, when Mike’s Amazing Cakes created this Birthday Cake of a Red Dragon clutching a D20 they created a work of art. And that’s a battle map it’s sitting on, by Jove! Y’know I think if someone brought this to one of our gaming sessions we’d have to do a special dungeon-run versus an Ancient Red. There you go guys, if you’re getting fed up* with the current campaign and fancy a big challenge to gain heaps of XP and go up that next level – you know what to do!
Red Dragon CakeYou can find more pictures of this beautiful monstrosity on FLICKR including it’s death and devourment. But this is not the only D&D themed cake made for, and in some cases by, rabid fans. Oh dear me, no. You might even say the best is yet to come!