Pg 82: The Ring of Fire

This week in Epic Fail: In retrospect stepping through that portal was a really bad idea.

Creator’s Commentary: If you want to see the uncensored version of page 82 click here.

This really happened in our D&D game. Blame the guy who wrote “All adventurers arrive completely naked and devoid of special equipment.” Not that I mind a bit of nudity 😉

It was interesting doing the different body types, especially Jira as a muscular woman, and Dalion, the wrinkly Halfling. Oh, yes, and Humans have body hair, Elves not so much. It’s in the Player’s Handbook that Elves are hairless except on their heads.

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Character Design: Lan

Last character design for Epic Fails old adventuring party – those who passed the torch to our current crew. The next time you see them they will be in the comic!

This is Lan, Human Fighter who wields a Bastard Sword. He was young and inexperienced and I’ve tried to make his appearance reflect this. He is wearing chain mail, not having been around long enough to pick up some really good armor. I went with a classic medieval style hairstyle for him.

Lan - D&D Human Fighter

It’s sort of a challenge to make each character look distinctive, but fun too! Do you think I have succeeded?

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Character Design: Jira of the Singing Axe

The next few pages of Epic Fail are going to be a flash-back to an earlier adventure where the PCs met Loki. Now since the party make-up was completely different then (aside from Amuletts & Martin) I’m having to create some new character designs.

This is Jira of the Singing Axe. She is a female fighter who would not be seen dead in bikini-mail!!

As you can see I have a couple of armor designs for her. I dug out her character sheet and she is supposed to wear Banded Mail (an armor somewhere between chain & plate). Neither of these are actually banded mail because that was a poorly-designed, inflexible armor whose use was quickly abandoned. So design number 1 is based on Gladiator armor over chain whilst 2 is more like Mongol/mirrored armor (but it’s fantasy so I can totally make stuff up!).

Which design do you like best? Tell me in the comments!

Female Fighter Jira of the Singing Axe

On and FYI design No. 1 was drawn traditionally whereas No. 2 was drawn with my new Cintiq 15X. Can you tell?

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Siri runs a Dungeons & Dragons game

Okay this is hilarious and I had to share it. What happens when Siri runs a D&D game? It turns out Siri is the worst GM ever!

Pg 71: Intimidation Check

This week in Epic Fail: Tinuvielle threatens Amuletts with mime (now that is scary).

Creator’s Commentary: Before you ask, yes, Tinuvielle actually did this during a D&D game. It wasn’t just the one time either. It was actually pretty intimidating.

Is it me or does the sky look like a lava pit from hell? It’s supposed to be a sunset. Think I should tone it down?