Interparty Conflict

Interparty Conflict is the final piece of card art for the WAGON Webcomic Battle Cardgame which is on pre-order right now! I’m not exactly sure what the cards effect will be yet, but something along the lines of characters belonging to the same group fighting with each other! I thought this was a suitable Plot Device to reflect Epic Fail because, as you all know, it happens in the comic all the time! You can’t see the plot through characters squabbling with one another!

I decide to use Dirk, Tinuvelle and Yoru on this card because they don’t have their own Character cards like Amuletts, Clodin and Martin and I didn’t want them to be left out. I thought covering Yoru’s ears so he doesn’t hear any bad language would be the sort of sweet, protective thing Tinuvielle would do. Don’t ask me what they are arguing about – I haven’t a clue. I just had fun doing the facial expressions.

By the way I found a fun Video on YouTube about interparty conflict in D&D. Just thought I’d share.

Pg 65: Fool me twice

This week in Epic Fail: Dirk realises Amuletts has been messing with him again and is unhappy. Tinuvielle decides she’s going to do something about it.

Creator’s Commentary: “Fool me once shame on you; Fool me twice shame on me.”

In D&D terms the ‘Slippery’ spell would be the ‘Grease’ spell (but I kinda want non-D&D players to understand what the spell does without reading a spell description, thus the renaming).

I know Amuletts elicits mixed feelings in fans: some love her some hate her. But I think you can all agree that she’s been asking for it for a while now.

Pg 63: Just Beginning

This Week in Epic Fail: Yoru seems to like his Pony trembling in fear and so the party depart for Kasperbianca where the Adventure will really begin…

Creator’s Commentary: Prepare yourself – there will be another update of Epic Fail tomorrow because it is Dialogue Free Comics Day. I know! This never happens! Must be someone’s Birthday. Oh wait! It’s mine 🙂

I’m loving drawing that Gryphon. I was originally going to alter the part where it flys out of the frame, so it stayed inside the box, but it looked cool so I kept it.

This page marks the end of Adventure prep and the beginning of Adventure proper. Of course there will still be a fair old bit of general messing around because this comic is Epic Fail.

EDIT: On posting I’ve noticed a few mistakes (Yoru’s funky ears, Dirk’s disappearing sword and Martin’s sword shrinkage). Will fix after D&D.  – FIXED

Art Blog Sketches

Sunday Sketch #18 – Fugly

This is Fugly. I don’t think he was every officially christened, but everybody called him that so he assumed it was his name!

I’ve played Fugly in a few D&D games and he came number 3 in my ‘Favorite 5 Player Characters list.’ He is a classic example of Low Comliness i.e. he is physically unattractive – not to be confused with a low charisma character like Crunt. Fugly actually has a sweet nature that endeers him to people if only they will look past his appearance and get to know him (unfortunately few do).

He is a half-orc and his ugliness is a result of birth deformities which meant he was picked on by both Orcs and Humans and beaten regularly as a result. This left him with scars, a broken nose, cheekbone etc. that made him look even uglier. Unfortunately people can be cruel and judge by appearance. He also has low intellegence but I think that comes from being beaten round the head a little too often. Sad, eh?

Yeah I’m kinda mean to my characters…

Blog D&D

Ultimate GM Screen of Win

I was kinda browsing and saw the ULTIMATE GM SCREEN which I thought was the coolest thing ever! (Sorry for the CAPS-shouting, but I thought it deserved it). Okay so it’s kinda a cut-out and put together yourself, but I’m crafty and that sort of thing appeals to me. What you get is a Castle Wall that sits in front of the GM with two Dice Towers (basically you drop the dice in the top and they roll out at the bottom).

It’s very solid so it won’t fall over (a common problem with GMs screens) not to mention it looks absolutely fantastic! The idea of Dice Towers is new to me but I kinda like them; it adds a drama to rolling the dice plus makes it less likely for players to cheat by hiding/fudging their rolls. There’s also space on the back for the GM to stick all the gaming tables and handy info s/he needs to run the game. And there are little shelves for figures! How cute! And they can stand on top of the turrets! Overall I think it is very deserving of it’s title as the ULTIMATE GMs screen.

I’ve stuck a video below which really shows the GMs Screen in all its glory. You may want to skip to half way as that’s when you start getting a really good look at it. And it is reduced by 25% this week as part of the GMs Day Sale! Click here to go to a list of all the reduced items at DriveThruRPG.

In case the video is not showing up here’s a link to it.

Happy GMs Day! …week.