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Wizards (1977) Movie Review

Wizards (1977) is a cult animated movie by Raph Bakshi which combines the post-apocalyptic and fairy tale setting. The titular ‘Wizards’ are twins that look nothing alike: Avatar is a Ginger Gnome whilst the other, Blackwolf, bears a striking resemblance to an Undead Saruman. And guess what? One is good and one is evil – but which?

Wizards 1977-Epic-Fail-Review (5)
War Machine.

Snow Fairies!

Guess what my new favorate toys are? That’s right they’re Flitter Fairies! I was lucky enough to recieve two, Daria and Alexa, as Christmas Pressents and wanted to see if I could fly them both. Doing that whilst simultaneously opperating a video camera was challenging to say the least especially combined with the wind and the snow. But they look so pretty!