Fan Art from Children of The Tiger


purenightshade of Children of the Tiger drew this lovely piece of Fan Art as part of her big Halloween art project.  You see Halloween is her favorite holiday, so every day from Oct1st to 31st she’s drawing one of her characters in Cosplay!  Today it’s Kishandren as Amuletts. Receiving it really cheered me up!

Check out purenightshade’s Deviantart Gallery to see what other characters her cast has cosplayed and suggest what they might dress up as next!

Her webcomic is one I follow regularly and you will find me a frequent commenter.  The story follows five Dragon Warriors in their quest to recover the missing Princess of Shanshiire.  Kishandren is my favorite character, so I’m really pleased she honoured Amuletts through cosplay!


The WAR! is over…

The webcomic WAR! is over.  It ended last night when the remaining participants Life’s a Witch and Slightly Off Topic fell in battle leaving my nemesis Union of Heroes the sole survivor – and victor.

Epic Fail & Apple of Discord died together when Ant Guy turned out to be a suicide bomber.  Who knew?  Sadly this means I have no victory to celebrate and will not be making cartoons in my underwear.  Disappointed parties – you know who to blame!

For me the contest was a push to get out there in the webcomic community.  Prior to the contest I barely knew another webcomic artist.  Now I have met a great deal and consider several to be good friends.

With Epic Fail being so new there was no way I would have started promoting it if not for the WAR!  The rules contained a straightforward list of promotional activities.  I’m proud of the fact that despite joining two weeks late Epil Fail was the WAR’s top promoter.  I tryed everything… except advertising.  I signed up for Project Wonderful but sadly never got any furthur.  That’s something I intend to correct however, I have heard a lot of good things about it.

Things that really worked for me were:

Doing Fanart – FUN!  You get to draw other peoples characters, and show them how much you appreciate them.  They usually link back to your comic and might even reciprocate with some fanart for you.  Most importantly you just made a friend for life!

Signature Banners – This means that every time you post to a forum there’s a link to your comic there.  Loads of people click on it.

Twitter & other Social Networks – Just get out there and meet people – lots of people!  They make it really easy to remind people your comic just updated and tell them any special news.

Many thanks to Frumph & Webcomic Planet for running the WAR!  I know he put a great deal of time into it.


Fanart from Spying with Lana

martin I just got this fabulous piece of fanart from Sean Harrington of Spying with Lana. It’s of Martin, with his shirt off, looking extremely buff and attractive – as indeed he should! It’s nice for him to get the chance to show his muscles off as they are usually hidden by his armor.

Inked in black & white with red as an accent colour Spying with Lana is a titillating action webcomic with a hint of humour. It throws you right into the middle of the plot, with storys told on a case-by-case basis, generally involving sexy Lana getting naked along the way! The comics are grouped as a storyline per page so they are easy to read by scrolling down. So far they seem pretty stand-alone so this is easy to get into. You should definately check it out.


Phineus & Friend Fan Art!


I have three new pieces of fanart to show you all. First up Barry Linck, of the webcomic Phineus: Magician for Hire, has drawn the whole team! His comic, like mine, has roots in role-playing. I suggest you check it out.

Next we have two peices done by friends of mine. ‘There is Clodin: natural state’ (which is to say he dies a lot) by Jonjo. This is something of a spoiler but not-really. I have begun to describe Clodin as a stick of dynamite: you can be sure he’s going to blow up; whether anyone goes with him depends on how close they’re standing!

‘Lady Clodin’ by Jason is just… wrong. It poses the question ‘Would Dwarfs die less if they looked like this… or would the beard still be a

clodinfanartbyjonjoLady Clodin by JasonInterestingly this led to a whole debate on female Dwarves.  Are there female Dwarves?  Do they look just like the men?  If they are so indistinguishable could Clodin, in fact, be a woman?  Our favorate theory was that Dwarves are like bees: they only have one female – the Queen, who is an enormous, fat Dwarf that all the others ‘service.’  Have I given you disturbing mental images?  I’m so sorry.


Friendly Fanart

Amuletts (having stolen some underpants) by Martin (player)

Amuletts, Martin & Clodin by Mike

I have new fanart kindly done for me by my friends to help me in the webcomic war. Okay, it wasn’t spontaneous, I bugged them a bit. It’s great nonetheless.
It’s prompted me to try and get the Fan Art Gallery sorted out. It isn’t quite to my liking yet, but you can see some of the fanart I have done for other webcomics and I will be adding more.

Concerning the interview I talked about in my previous post it was scrapped due to poor sound quality, but we’ll be trying again as soon as we’ve worked out what the issue was.