Interview with Reiki Director Pedro Chaves

Director Pedro Chaves takes the hot seat and tells us all about his new movie Reiki!

Tell me about Reiki the Movie; what’s it about?

Reiki is a low budget action-fantasy feature film from Belgium. It tells the story of Vann and Hansel who awaken in a destroyed factory in the middle of nowhere with no memories of who they are… EXCEPT flashbacks from 400 years ago! During their exploration of the factory they meet Reisha, a girl who’s been running away from a group called “The Order”, witch-hunters that have been hunting witches since the dawn of time. Reisha tells Vann and Hansel that their flashbacks are true, they are memories of their past lives! Now Vann and Hansel must try to figure out who they are, why they awakened in this forgotten place, and survive their fight against the Order whilst protecting Reisha!


Sounds Exciting! Now, (if it’s not too much of a spoiler) why is the film called Reiki? Isn’t that a kind of massage?

Yeah, I heard that Reiki was a kind of Japanese massage; funnily enough when we started production nobody knew and it was just afterwards that some people told us. Actually there are some things alike between the movie Reiki and the Reiki massage (though very small).
Reiki is the name of the sword in the movie. The Reiki sword is a special sword that can cut the astral line of a human being, which means when a person is killed with the Reiki sword they won’t be able to reincarnate anymore,  thus they meet a true and absolute death.
The name of the sword has an hidden meaning, but if I told you it would be a huge spoiler!


Fanart from Sacred Pie

Today I recieved this brilliant, action-packed piece of fan art from Phil Shaw of Sacred Pie. It’s of Martin, Clodin and Amuletts versus a Cave Troll. I really appreciate the attention to detail here and especially the character nuances. It’s a wonderful mix of action and humour – I only hope I can do as well when I get to the big fight scenes! At least I know who to go to for advice.

Sacred Pie is an epic science fiction webcomic. It begins with a mysterious traveller stumbling through a portal into Sid, Roonas and Bob’s living room. Following a portentous demand involving the fate of the universe, he disintegrates on their carpet leaving a stain and several artifacts.

It’s the story of ordinary guys turned super-heroes with resemblances to Star Wars and The Last Starfighter. The art inproves as the story progresses with some experimentation along the way. There’s a lot going on which can be hard to keep track of sometimes, but if you are looking for variety and a comic that doesn’t take itself too seriously this is the perfect read.