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Sunday Sketch #11 – My Little Pony Amuletts

Amuletts as a My Litte Pony MLP FiM Fanart

This weeks Sunday Sketch is Amuletts as a My Little Pony, ‘Friendship is Magic’ style. She’s supposed to be looking a bit devious (don’t know if I pulled that off).

She’s a Unicorn for the simple reason she can cast spells, so characters who are spell casters will have horns and those that aren’t won’t. Her Cutie Mark is a Flame because her special talent is playing with fire, lol. (And she’s a Cleric of Loki).

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Sunday Sketch #10 – My Little Pony Martin

My Little Pony Martin FiM fanart
I’m jumping on the Pony-wagon and drawing some My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic fanart. So here’s Martin as a Pony, or should I say Brony as he’s a boy? His Cutie Mark is an upside down horse-shoe because Martin’s special ability is being unlucky. Fortunately he’s unlucky for the bad guys too.