F&C: Fugly Meets Ludo #3

Today in Fugly & Crunt: Ludo can make friends of rocks… but Fugly can’t.

Creator’s Commentary: Well that was new and interesting wasn’t it. I suppose we’d better meet Crunt next. Or perhaps you’d like another page of Epic Fail? Tell you what, I’ll surprise you.

F&C: Fugly meets Ludo #2

Today in Fugly & Crunt: Ludo calls the rocks!

Creator’s Commentary: These are just going to be black and white comics. Interested in what you think of this… er… detour?

Did you know that Labyrinth is my most favourite film of all time, ever? Well now you do.

F&C: Fugly meets Ludo #1

Today in Fugly and Crunt: Fugly meets big, fuzzy Ludo from Labyrinth and wants to be friends with him, but Ludo is scared because… Fugly is ugly. DUH!

Creator’s Commentary: I bet you never saw this coming! Okay so this is something new; a fun side-project if you will. (I did introduce you to Fugly earlier.)

Ever get sick of Hollywood actors and actresses with their beautiful bodies and perfect smiles, or those flawlessly airbrushed supermodels? Ever hankered after heroes that were ugly and unpleasant, that made you sick to look at ’em or faint from their foul manners? No…? Oh. Just me then.

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Art Blog Sketches

Sunday Sketch #18 – Fugly

This is Fugly. I don’t think he was every officially christened, but everybody called him that so he assumed it was his name!

I’ve played Fugly in a few D&D games and he came number 3 in my ‘Favorite 5 Player Characters list.’ He is a classic example of Low Comliness i.e. he is physically unattractive – not to be confused with a low charisma character like Crunt. Fugly actually has a sweet nature that endeers him to people if only they will look past his appearance and get to know him (unfortunately few do).

He is a half-orc and his ugliness is a result of birth deformities which meant he was picked on by both Orcs and Humans and beaten regularly as a result. This left him with scars, a broken nose, cheekbone etc. that made him look even uglier. Unfortunately people can be cruel and judge by appearance. He also has low intellegence but I think that comes from being beaten round the head a little too often. Sad, eh?

Yeah I’m kinda mean to my characters…