Webcomic Spotlight: Willow’s Grove


A Beagle, a lizard and a Muppet fly into outer space…  Sounds like the set-up for a great joke doesn’t it?  Well it’s actually the premise for Willow’s Grove, a Science-fiction Webcomic by Karl Kleese.

On the face of it the writing seems simple and funny, but at its heart is surprisingly cleaver.  It combines a number of classic sci-fi tropes whilst coming up with something entirely original.  The humour sets you up with something familiar then the punch-line surprises you.  It’s easy to waste a few hours digging through the archives.

The artwork has a simple yet distinctive style with very clean, professional-looking line-work.  It starts in black and white, but later evolves into colour.

The story is easy to get into and guaranteed to leave you on your uppers.  It is divided into short, easily-digested story arcs as the characters go to different planets in an attempt to find their way back to Earth.  Whilst only a science-fiction fan will appreciate all the references I really can’t think of a reason why anyone couldn’t enjoy this.  Willow’s Grove is, in a word, fun.


Cameo at The Apple of Discord

Epic Fail just got a cameo over at The Apple of Discord. Martin seems to have found a mission that offers a reward this time!  Go and see what they’re up to.

The Apple of Discord is a really fun comic that Amuletts would completely approve.  It’s chaotic and unpredictable – you just never know what you’re going to get.  It’s experimental and full of suprises.  The recurring characters make The Apple of Discord enjoyable as a long-term read but there are plenty of random one-shots that make ‘dipping in’ rewarding.

And it seems it is their 1 year anniversary tomorrow, so Happy Birthday Apple!