Diablo 3 Meme – A Comedy of Errors

Diablo III not only epic failed on launch when all the servers crashed but has had problems ever since. Blizzard had to issue and apology to angry fans and released a server-side patch fixing over 30 bugs just a few days ago. Aside from fixing bugs it also nerfed the abilities of some characters classes. Recently Blizzard announced that the release of the real money auction house, originally expected May 22nd, then pushed back to the 29th, has been delayed indefinitely in order to fix errors in the system before the release.

SPECIAL: Thor’s Hammer

Another special comic based on Thor. I just kept thinking up funnies so here you go! I’ve uploaded a bigger version to Deviantart which you can look at if you like.

I’m getting ready for the convention season and want to create a mini comic. Well… a pamphlet actually, but you’ll see what I mean. So I’ll be taking an officail break from the main comic but probably be posting a lot of other stuff. I’ll fill you in on the details with a proper blog post soon.

The first con I’ll be going to is the Bristol Small Press Expo on May 14th-15th.

SPECIAL: Thor’s Punishment

This week in Epic Fail: Thor makes a bad pun and is banished by PUNished by Odin.

Creator’s Commentary: This comic was made as an entry to Comicracy’s Thor Contest in which I won first place, drawing with I’m Famous. I thought about adding a sign saying ‘Now leaving Assgard, welcome to Mudgard’ but I think it’s pretty funny as is (or should that be pretty punny?)

Pg 55: Funny Joke!

This week in Epic Fail: Simone offers a substantial reward if the adventurers will accept the quest, but Dirk wants no reward, only to do good.

Creator’s Commentary: So it turns out Dirk has a great sense of humor and is really the joker in the pack!

I enjoyed doing the ‘friendly arm punch/shut-the-hell-up punch.’ I like my characters to be physical. I blame William Shatner and his touchy-feely acting in Star Trek.

And if you too would like to speak Pig Latin there is an English to Pig Latin Translator!

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Movie Review: A Dog’s Breakfast

The cleverly named ‘A Dog’s Breakfast’* is an independent comedy written, directed and starred in by David Hewlett – whom you may recognise as Dr. Rodney McKay from Stargate: Atlantis. In fact there are more than a few cameos from the Atlantis cast including Hewlett’s real-life sister Kate (Jeannie), Paul McGillion (Dr.Beckett), Christopher Judge (Teal’c) and Rachel Luttrell (Teyla) – all in different roles of course!

Hewlett plays the obsessive-compulsive Patrick who lives reclusively in the house of his birth and relies on constants in his life to remain stable; these include his dog Mars, his sister Marilyn and the spiders that live outside his sitting-room window.  When Marilyn introduces her fiancé, Ryan, Patrick becomes convinced he is trying to murder her and that the only way to stop him is to kill him first!

A Dog's Breakfast

Pg 34: Running Gag

This week in Epic Fail: Dirk is becoming bored of shopping but reluctant to leave Amuletts. He makes a slip of the tongue and is mocked for it. When Amuletts makes an innuendo he flees.

Creator’s Commentary: Yes this is Epic Fail’s first running gag.  It’s a gag about running.

I made a typo and this strip happened, with due influence from my own experience of tongue-slips.  Very funny, very embarrassing and oh so true.  “Lave” means to soothe as if by washing, never to be confused with lathe which is a woodworking tool for cutting or sanding.


Webcomic Spotlight: Willow’s Grove


A Beagle, a lizard and a Muppet fly into outer space…  Sounds like the set-up for a great joke doesn’t it?  Well it’s actually the premise for Willow’s Grove, a Science-fiction Webcomic by Karl Kleese.

On the face of it the writing seems simple and funny, but at its heart is surprisingly cleaver.  It combines a number of classic sci-fi tropes whilst coming up with something entirely original.  The humour sets you up with something familiar then the punch-line surprises you.  It’s easy to waste a few hours digging through the archives.

The artwork has a simple yet distinctive style with very clean, professional-looking line-work.  It starts in black and white, but later evolves into colour.

The story is easy to get into and guaranteed to leave you on your uppers.  It is divided into short, easily-digested story arcs as the characters go to different planets in an attempt to find their way back to Earth.  Whilst only a science-fiction fan will appreciate all the references I really can’t think of a reason why anyone couldn’t enjoy this.  Willow’s Grove is, in a word, fun.

Pg 10: Ground 1; Dirk Nil

This week in Epic Fail: With either incredibly good or incredibly bad timing Amuletts orders Andy to release Dirk just when he happens to be straining to his utmost. Gravity plays its part; Dirk falls on his arse. Tinuvielle helps him up, and berates him sternly for allowing himself to be baited. He resolves never to let it happen again. This is put to the test immediately when Amuletts decides to create an illusion re-enacting his fall.

Creator’s Commentary: I wasn’t sure whether this page was going to work out, because it has a lot of Dirk in it and his character design was the least worked out. But now it’s all done I think it’s pretty funny. *Snigger*

Pg 9: This isn’t the argument you’re looking for

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts, exasperated by Clodins stubbornness, laments that Martin paid her so little. Hearing this the dwarf is even more outraged. Amuletts realises she has hit a brick wall and, growing impatient, uses the force magic to manipulate him.  It works.  Clodin accepts her apology,  however, Dirk is still being held by her minion, Andy Roid.  She thinks it is funny, but agrees to order his release after Tinuvielle threatens her.  Tinuvielle is most embarrassed to discover Amuletts finds her ‘cute.’

Creator’s Commentary: So now you’ve been introduced the main abilities Amuletts receives from her God, Loki.  She can produce fire and use a minor charm spell (like the Force magic can have a strong influence on the weak-minded).   These mimic abilities the deity himself has, but are far less powerful.  Unlike normal spells they require no preparation and are used at will, so she tends to throw them off rather casually.