Diablo 3 Meme – A Comedy of Errors

Diablo III not only epic failed on launch when all the servers crashed but has had problems ever since. Blizzard had to issue and apology to angry fans and released a server-side patch fixing over 30 bugs just a few days ago. Aside from fixing bugs it also nerfed the abilities of some characters classes. Recently Blizzard announced that the release of the real money auction house, originally expected May 22nd, then pushed back to the 29th, has been delayed indefinitely in order to fix errors in the system before the release.

SPECIAL: Thor’s Hammer

Another special comic based on Thor. I just kept thinking up funnies so here you go! I’ve uploaded a bigger version to Deviantart which you can look at if you like.

I’m getting ready for the convention season and want to create a mini comic. Well… a pamphlet actually, but you’ll see what I mean. So I’ll be taking an officail break from the main comic but probably be posting a lot of other stuff. I’ll fill you in on the details with a proper blog post soon.

The first con I’ll be going to is the Bristol Small Press Expo on May 14th-15th.

SPECIAL: Thor’s Punishment

This week in Epic Fail: Thor makes a bad pun and is banished by PUNished by Odin.

Creator’s Commentary: This comic was made as an entry to Comicracy’s Thor Contest in which I won first place, drawing with I’m Famous. I thought about adding a sign saying ‘Now leaving Assgard, welcome to Mudgard’ but I think it’s pretty funny as is (or should that be pretty punny?)

Pg 55: Funny Joke!

This week in Epic Fail: Simone offers a substantial reward if the adventurers will accept the quest, but Dirk wants no reward, only to do good.

Creator’s Commentary: So it turns out Dirk has a great sense of humor and is really the joker in the pack!

I enjoyed doing the ‘friendly arm punch/shut-the-hell-up punch.’ I like my characters to be physical. I blame William Shatner and his touchy-feely acting in Star Trek.

And if you too would like to speak Pig Latin there is an English to Pig Latin Translator!

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Movie Review: A Dog’s Breakfast

The cleverly named ‘A Dog’s Breakfast’* is an independent comedy written, directed and starred in by David Hewlett – whom you may recognise as Dr. Rodney McKay from Stargate: Atlantis. In fact there are more than a few cameos from the Atlantis cast including Hewlett’s real-life sister Kate (Jeannie), Paul McGillion (Dr.Beckett), Christopher Judge (Teal’c) and Rachel Luttrell (Teyla) – all in different roles of course!

Hewlett plays the obsessive-compulsive Patrick who lives reclusively in the house of his birth and relies on constants in his life to remain stable; these include his dog Mars, his sister Marilyn and the spiders that live outside his sitting-room window.  When Marilyn introduces her fiancé, Ryan, Patrick becomes convinced he is trying to murder her and that the only way to stop him is to kill him first!

A Dog's Breakfast