Should I henna my hair?


Henna is a plant whose leaves produce a red dye.  It’s translucent and conbines with hairs natural tones.  It’s supposed to be a very good conditioner, making hair strong and smooth.  In addition to this it apparently soothes headaches and migraines (I’m a terrible migraine sufferer myself).

You can see from my picture what colour my hair is now. What would you call it – dark blonde? To be honest I’m not sure, it certainly used to be blonde but has gradually been getting darker.  I’ve sort-of wanted red hair since reading The Song of the Lioness quartet by Tamora Pierce.  The heroine – Alanna – was a huge role-model for me in my teens.  My sister dyes her hair red and it looks really nice.

I have never, ever dyed my hair.  I don’t like to fuss over my appearance and rarely wear make-up.  If I started using henna would I be reapplying it all the time?  How tedious is it to do?  Is it worth it?  Do you think it would suit me?  I’d really appreciate hearing peoples experiences and opinions.