Pg 24: Growing Up Fast

This week in Epic Fail: Tinuvielle speaks with the Matriarch at the Temple of Guan Yin. They discuss how Yoru is maturing.

Creator’s Commentary: And we’re back!
I think this page has the most frames and the longest dialogue of any so far! I had difficulty fitting all those speach-bubbles in.
Chi Ho Sung is a character who used to adventure with our heroes. In case you couldn’t work it out she is a cleric of Guan Yin; it was she who advised Tinuvielle to place Yoru in their care. I thought it prudent to mention her. She may turn up sometime.

EDIT: Uploaded new, fully shaded version of this page.

Pg 23: Taking in the Scenery

This week in Epic Fail: The Cleric of Guan Yin leads Tinuvielle to the Matriarch.  Exciting, huh?

Creator’s Commentary:This page is pretty indulgent.  I just wanted to show off the pretty Temple.  This seems like an opportune moment to thank purenightshade of Children of the Tiger for all the reference photos she provided me with.  Cheers!

A great deal of incense in burnt in these temples, hence all the smoke. Note that the Matriarch is relating the tale of the Thousand-Hand Guan Yin, the subject of my Art Interlude.

EDIT: Uploaded new, fully shaded version of this page.


Art Interlude: Guan Yin

So here we have a painting I’ve been working on of Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy.  Tinuvielle is at a Guan Yin temples in the storyline right now. As my twitter followers will know I’ve had a touch of writers block this week so that’s why I’m doing something different and having an Art Interlude. If I print Epic Fail up as a big Graphic Novel Book sometime I think I would like to use this Guan Yin Painting as the endpages. Of course you can’t tell from the photo, but a great deal of it is painted in gold. I am a lot better at hands after painting this. She has a thousand you know (most of them off page)!

Previous stages:

guan yin art interludegoddess guan yin wipguan yin wip stage 3

Pg 22: Most Unusual

This week in Epic Fail: Clerics of Guan Yin stream out of the temple to heal the injured in the aftermath of the explosion.  One heals Tinuvielle of her burns who explains she has come to see her son, Yoru.  The cleric reacts to the name with some alarm, worrying Tinuvielle who demands to know what is wrong.  The young Cleric says she will take her to the Matriarch, and we learn that Yoru is not a normal baby.
Creators Commentary: Where the Clerics hand is supposed to be doing a blessing it is actually doing ‘The Shocker.’  This is completely unintentional but may it give joy to all of you with dirty minds!

Pg 20: Elves Drool

Tinuvielle completes her journey to the Temple of Guan Yin.  She has changed transport many times to get there, and is currently sleeping.  There’s an old man in the carriage who tells a young boy to rouse her.  The boy is scared because “she looks dead.”  The old man has a chuckle at his expense and tells him that elves do things differently.

In D&D elves aren’t supposed to sleep, but meditate instead.  I’ve always thought of this as patently ridiculous.  They do sleep, they just want to appear better than everybody else so they call it meditating!  And do it with their eyes open.  And drool occasionally.